Sunday, January 21, 2007

El Segundo Barrio as our Spiritual Place

Posted with permission

Hola, Señor Juarez!

I just enjoyed reading your comments over the Segundo Barrio controversy. I agree with many of your comments. Segundo Barrio has a lot of history and memories, es "El Barrio." You can tell who is not native to El Paso and those that are young when they need to ask, what Barrio? when reference to the Barrio is made. I was not raised there. I was born in El Paso but raised in the Clardy Fox area. However, my primos lived in El Barrio en los Presidios. Many people are not aware that Fort Bliss extended to that area and the Presidios were military barracks; that is why they had the latrines outside. There is much history in El Segundo.

The Soul. We do not often hear that word nowadays. What would happen, if the crazy council people decided to do their re-development along Scenic Drive? (Actually, a shopping village would work well there) Hijole, no! Que…desorden! The resident’s cry would be heard all across El Paso, Juarez and Las Cruces! They would, probably, employ the word "soul." They would talk about all the history and about their family lineage there.
It is the same thing. That old adage "walk in my shoes" would ring true.

There is so much talent at the Barrio. Artist, singers, actors, dancers, writers, artisans, you name it. Why not give them autonomy. Beautify it by allowing the residents to express their creativity. Can the mighty buck pass to their hands too? The situation calls for a paradigm; a new beginning. I know this is a "long shot" but since we are disseminating information, why not pass on the information that as Mexicans we are indigenous and can exercise our right as such. Can we imagine what it would be like? As it is, El Pasoans go to the Barrio for Bowie Bakery, Uhhhhmmm bread. We go to the Armijo and to special events at the Boys Club; we go to reminisce and get away from all the boisterous illusions of the city. There could be Dance at the Park (Danzon Contest on Saturday Nights).

I am an Aztec Dancer and we have danced numerous times at the Park and the Boys Club. The Barrio’s Clinic? It is a good thing but the administrator and friends have got to shape up, but I think ship out! De veras, talk about self-serving; they have forgotten the vision and mission, which is la gente. Get some decent people up there and a good board of directors to keep a close eye on them; no nepotism. A good many projects have not been realized because the CEO and his Gangita (sorry but I do not beat around the bush) brush them off. Hijole, no! As the United Farm Workers’ slogan goes-Si Se Puede! We need to take a new, fresh breath of air, oxygen into our system-the Barrio-and exhale that hot, thick air that has been used up and no longer serves any purpose except to make us feel a bit nauseous.

I could go on and on, but I will stop now and ask you to help with ideas as to how we may come together and exercise a good effort to maintain our spiritual place; El Segundo Barrio.

Thank You,
Isela Laca

Keep Breathing
Isela Laca

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